School Programs

Barnyard Friends

30-45 minutes - All Ages

Meet first hand the many farm animals that call the barnyard home. Common barn animals cows, chickens, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits are just a few that are waiting for your attention. Interesting animal facts and their role on the farm will be discussed. By investigating barnyard animals using worksheets and their senses, students will learn skills that will help to improve their performance on the proficiency exam and understand the relationship between animals and man.

From Table to Tree (Maple) - Offered February and March Only

Grades K-12

Explore how maple syrup is produced here at Malabar Farm. Students see first hand how trees are tapped, sap is collected and boiled into the sweet maple syrup we enjoy with pancakes on our breakfast table. The Bromfield family and friends took part in the maple sugaring the same way we do today. Live demonstrations on the history of maple syrup making from the early woodland Indians, pioneers and the more modern methods.

Explore Nature

30-45 minutes - Grades K-12

Take a general nature hike or emphasize a particular area such as insects, interrelationships, birds, mammals, trees, and flowers on your hike.

Bromfield’s House Tour

30-45 minutes - Grades 4-12

The house and farm are registered as National Historical Landmark. Tours may be customized for school groups topically or by grade level. Fees apply.

Farm Wagon Tour

30-45 minutes - Grades 4-12

Ride a tractor-drawn wagon tour to learn all about the history of the area and about the current farming operations here at Malabar Farm.

If Rocks Could Talk

30-45 minutes - Grades 4-12

Take a guided hike through Malabar Farm’s infamous Rock City! This hike can be treacherous and requires appropriate hiking and climbing shoes and clothing. Feel rocks that are older than your granddad. Read history in the rocks and enter the earth during a trip to the cave.

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All programs last 35-45 minutes but can run up to 60 minutes.

All programs begin on the hour.

Fees apply