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1955 The Rains of Ranchipur (novel "The Rains Came")

1955 Crown Theatre with Gloria Swanson (TV series)– Up Ferguson Way (1955) (original story)

1944 Mrs. Parkington (novel)

1943 Johnny Come Lately (novel "McLeod's Folly")

1940 Brigham Young

1940 It All Came True (story "Better Than Life")

1939 The Rains Came (novel)

1934 The Life of Vergie Winters (story "A Scarlet Woman")

1934 A Modern Hero (novel)

1932 Night After Night (story "Single Night")

1931 24 Hours (novel)

1931 Dracula (contributing writer - uncredited)

1931 One Heavenly Night (story)

1925 Bobbed Hair (story)